The agency

The story of a shared passion for unique design and tailor-made creativity.


Since the creation of the PRD office, the agency practices the art of the delivery of luxury villas and hotels “turnkey”. From gardens to interior design, PRD is tailor-made to make each project unique.

PRD (Patrick Raffeneau Design), an interior design and luxury architecture agency, was created in 2007 on the island of Saint-Barthélemy, by the designer Patrick Raffeneau and his wife and partner, Sophie Raffeneau, as part of the construction of five luxurious villas that same year.

From the beginning, the PRD team had the ambition to create sumptuous projects, in the unique image of each client thanks to the original design and architectural ideas. A wish quickly granted when the agency worked in 2008/10 in close collaboration with the famous couple Laeticia and Johnny Hallyday for the project “Jade”, their 7 bedroom villa located in Marigot.

This achievement quickly confirmed the agency’s skills and materialized the great launch of PRD in St-Barthélémy.

The team grew as the work was increasing to become a beautiful agency made up of a dynamic group that shares together, passion and creativity for architecture and luxury design.

Architecture St Barthélémy
Chambre design

Tailored luxury

From his previous career and his many architectural projects already carried out in metropolitan France, Patrick Raffeneau uses this experience to settle and position himself as a designer specializing in luxury and custom construction. Emerging projects are mainly majestic villas or large hotels where every detail is meticulously reflected, in commodious spaces and where the living environment is exceptional.

Its particularity is distinguished by the delivery of projects “turnkey”. From the garden to the smallest indoor furniture, PRD wants to offer to customers the luxury of getting a place that look like them, fulfilled from the beginning to the end.

In order to carry out each building, PRD collaborates mainly with companies and craftsmen specializing in tailormade construction, based and practicing mainly on the island of Saint-Barthélemy, who are familiar to main projects that PRD used to achieve. A proximity that is a great asset because it allows to respond as closer as possible to the requests of prestigious customers, by adapting responsively to each of their desire.

More than an agency, PRD has an approach that is both sensitive to the requirements of the client but also uncompromising on the quality of each product delivered. The interior design is of paramount importance. Patrick Raffeneau has conceived drawings where risk taking and originality prevail so that each project is unique, conserving a luxurious and elegant environment.