Unique and unlimited, every detail counts.

Each project is representative of a specific customer request. This is where tailor-made is making sense, to be able to adapt each construction and living space according to the requirements of each person.
And for that, PRD is convinced that luxury is created by the detail.

Homogeneous by the difference.

If the details are unstructured, the organization is finely studied. Faced to those who doubt, we have the habit of persevering and defending our ideas by explaining that we must never judge a single element before having the final rendering. Indeed, if sometimes details can be very different from each other, they will nevertheless make a uniform and especially unique, luxurious and refined. It is even thanks to this that the project will have a personal touch, refined and subtle.

Unlimited creativity

Design is not an inspiration already seen elsewhere. At PRD, architectural creativity has no walls, we precisely want to go beyond the expectations. We bring to customers a different vision and ideas, while respecting the choices and tastes of each. We try to develop architectures and a design reflecting their image prestige and sometimes even think outside the box by surprising experiments but rare, just as luxury should be.