Villa Aqua Maris

Villa Aquamaris is a hidden place in the heart of the Pacific sea. Facing the legendary Mount Otemanu, the property extends over several hectares of lush natural surroundings. A heaven of peace, the property’s many windows offer breathtaking views over Bora Bora’s lagoon.

This villa offers services of extraordinary luxury. In the spirit of a “patio house”, the project is divided into living and leisure spaces connected by passageways, all using wooden coverings and roofs. The property has a private lagoon, a giant aquarium, a spa, a golf practice as well as numerous relaxation areas.

The villa takes its name from the Latin aqua maris – sea water. Every space has been designed to interact with water in every possible way. As soon as you arrive via a private waterway emerging from the ocean, you will be transported into a world of your own.

Location :

Bora Bora

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Performance :

In collaboration with Ora Architecte


27 November 2023


Bora Bora